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Mad Max Meets James Bond with HORSEPOWER!!

OutRAGEous Luxury, High-Performance, World-Class Design
— All at Your Beck and Call — All at Prices You Can't Deny!

RAGE Mustang

The RAGE R8sc Show Car featured a special high performance 600 h.p. V-8 3-valve engine system, which will be available in addition to the 400 h.p. V-6 engine in the RAGE R6sc. This unique performance system will be the standard on the wide body model of the RAGE that will debut in 2009. The interior features a luxurious design incorporating elongated diamond-tufted leather seating surfaces and door panel inserts. Available contrast stitching, color coordinating leathers and many other features can further personalize each RAGE. An engine-turned aluminum dash/center console trim and a high gloss black piano wood/leather steering wheel add a stunning touch of elegance to this already gorgeous interior.

The RAGE Mustang Models:

RAGE R8sc - Mustang based with 600 hp supercharged V-8

RAGE R6sc - Mustang based with 400 hp supercharged V-6

RAGE R8sc WideBody - Mustang based wide body RAGE with 600 hp supercharged V-8

RAGE R8SE WideBody - Mustang based wide body RAGE with 1,000 hp twin-charged 5.0 litre V-8 engine system and a very unique exterior exhaust system. This model will only be built for 25 very special owners: AND, will be the special edition called the "ACES & EIGHT'S" featuring a pinup girl on each top trailing edge of the widebody front fenders.

The New RAGE Corvette C650

NOW! You can have it all - A High Performance, exotic sports car with over 600 supercharged horses coming from its rugged V-8 LS3 engine system and ProCharger H O with Intercooled, polished supercharger. This exotic ride will provide performance that competes nicely with the upcoming ZR1 and annihilates the Z06.

The exclusive customized hood, front fascia, front splitter, rockers, rear splitter, custom grille, RAGE left and right logos, FX rear wing, HRE series P40 19"/20" Alloy Chrome wheels, Pirelli Tires and stainless steel exhaust system with designer tip make the RAGE Corvette stand tall and standout.

And, just as if that wasn't enough...the perfect mix of hand-tooled beauty rounds this limited edition out. The RAGE Corvette C650 is dressed to kill with an elaborate interior that screams "HOT". The handcrafted, elongated diamond-tufted leather seating and door panel inserts are customized and color coordinated. Not to mention the engine-turned aluminum dash/center panel console trim and high-gloss black piano wood and leather steering wheel.

This screamin' luxury machine is estimated to do 0-60 mph in the low 3 seconds and hit top speeds of 200+ mph.

The New RAGE 5100R PowerYacht

The RAGE 5100R PowerYacht represents another new transformation from Rage Exotic Vehicles, LLC, a boutique for the design, marketing and production of world-class luxury motor vehicles. The RAGE 5100R PowerYacht marks our entry into the luxury, high-performance power boating industry. Our background in providing designer vehicles to the world market is well documented and the RAGE 5100R PowerYacht will bring us into the boating industry. This design has been described as "MAD MAX meets Performance Yachting," which led to the naming of this highly aggressive concept during its development — the RAGE 5100R PowerYacht.

Offering the high-performance customer an alternative to one dimensional sport boats. Today's buyer is demanding more room, comfort and cruising amenities, while still wanting exceptional top-end speed, cruising speed, rough water capabilities and superior handling. Only the RAGE 5100R PowerYacht can do it all! The all new RAGE 5100R PowerYacht gives you more options than ever. The RAGE 5100R PowerYacht yields an unprecedented 6'5" of cabin headroom and the Extended Cockpit, featuring 6 McLeod Bolsters and a wide passenger bench, allowing at least ten crew members to ride in comfort! So why limit yourself? Take a closer look at RAGE 5100R PowerYacht.

To attain that projected over 115 m.p.h. top speed, the RAGE 5100R PowerYacht features as standard engines a triple setup of the 1075 SCi Mercury Racing's premium sterndrive engine packages. Each 1075 SCi features a pair of Lysholm twin-screw superchargers with multi-port fuel injectors, providing excusive owners with turn-key starting, incredible idling, great running quality and smooth as silk shifting. An unbelievable engine bay finish featuring engine-turned aluminum, stainless steel, polished diamond plate AND a total of 3,225 h.p.!

It's OutRAGEous!