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Over 30 Years of OutRAGEous History!

In 1978 when Russ Knudsen started KNUDSEN AUTOMOTIVE DESIGN, LLC, he followed his passion — the combination of SPEED and BEAUTY!

Starting in 1978 with their first design — the Baroque Coupe, KNUDSEN AUTOMOTIVE DESIGN, LLC has always produced originally designed, hand-made, exotic luxury motor vehicles. Knudsen made such vehicles as the famous limited production TOJAN Firebirds and CARRALO Camaros, which were shipped nationally and internationally.

Founder, Russell A. Knudsen, has a distinguished history as a producer of world-class, hand-made luxury motor vehicles that are recognized around the world. Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska for the past 28 years, Knudsen's automotive operations has become known for maintaining the ultra-rigorous standards of high quality and design flair unsurpassed. Because of his ability to assemble teams of the best designers and craftsmen, Knudsen's vehicles have retained a loyal cult-following of enthusiasts and collectors. A line of limousines built by Knudsen, named the "Baroque", was inspired in a style reminiscent of an Excalibur or Stutz.

Knudsen's work has been showcased at specialty shows all around the United States and he has attracted an impressive list of former customers. His vehicles have made appearances on television and in film, such as TV's "Miami Vice", "Alien Nation", and movies such as "Collision Course" starring Jay Leno, Pat Morita and produced by Dino DeLorenzo.

RAGE EXOTIC VEHICLES, LLC., is a continuation of Knudsen's past accomplishments and the addition of his son, Andrew Knudsen, to the team. The RAGE vehicle concepts and designs are the work of Andrew. He joined his father several years ago prior to forming RAGE EXOTIC VEHICELES, LLC. Andrew insists on high fashion and high performance at reasonable prices. RAGE vehicles have been described as "MAD MAX meets James Bond". Their very aggressive styling and built-in luxury all come with the same high quality, hand-crafted excellence that the Knudsen team insist upon.

All of their original designs have been taken to the next level under the RAGE EXOTIC VEHICLES, LLC label. RAGE EXOTIC VEHICLES, LLC, has premiered several new lines of exotic sports cars and power yachts such as the RAGE Mustang, RAGE Corvette C650 and RAGE PowerYacht R5100. All stand out unlike any other luxury vehicles made with affordable price points, the highest standards of quality workmanship and a reputation for excellence.

All RAGE vehicles are always produced in limited numbers.

RAGE History:

1980 Baroque Coupe
1981 Baroque Cabriolet
1982 Baroque Royale Sedan
1982 Baroque Royale Limousine

1984 Tojan GT Coupe
1987 Tojan Convertible

1988 Carralo Coupe
1989 Carralo Convertible

1990 Tridon STT & Sport Truck
1991 Tridon SL004 Four-Wheel Drive
1994 Tridon STT (4-door dually)

1995 SL004 Suburban

2000 Gold Coast Coach — Entertainer Model

2004 MAXX xtreme Exotic Motorcoach

2005 RAGE Mustang Coupe
2006 RAGE Mustang Convertible
2008 RAGE Corvette C650

It's OutRAGEous!